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“The development of a function can only be successfully completed with good cooperation.” – Interview with Christian

Theresa Ley,

Not all developers are the same. We have already introduced one of our software developers in more detail here. But we also employ system and function developers. Christian told us why these two roles have a lot in common, but ultimately there are crucial differences and how collaboration leads to great product results.

Hello Christian, you are a system or function developer in the “System Development ADAS/Front” team. What do you develop in your team and what is behind your role??

We are currently developing modern driver assistance systems for the VW Group’s Premium Platform Electric (PPE). These systems serve to increase active safety in the vehicle and support the driver in critical situations. They range from visual and acoustic warnings to haptic intervention (e.g. brake jolt). If the situation remains critical, the system will also brake to a standstill as a last resort to protect the driver and other road users.

We also have PreCrash functions in our team. As the name suggests, these serve to protect the occupants before an unavoidable crash. The aim here is to recognize the unavoidable crash and trigger appropriate reactions, such as reversible belt tensioning or closing the vehicle contour.

As a function developer, you are the link between the customer and software development and you are responsible for the development team towards the customer. You translate customer requirements to system level so that they can then be successfully transferred into code by software development. Other major fields are error management and change management. Last but not least, he issues the release recommendations for his function to the customer.

We have already introduced a software developer at VAIVA here. What is the difference between a function developer and a software developer? Or are there even many similarities?

They are both part of the development team of a function. I would say there are a lot of similarities in the tasks, but at different levels. While the software developer tends to be close to the code, the function developer is more concerned with the system and customer level. However, the development of the function can only be successfully completed with good cooperation between all those involved.

And what makes working at VAIVA so special for you?

Very good work-life balance thanks to great flexibility, whether in the home office, directly at the customer’s site or in the VAIVA office helps to shape everyday working life. In the function development team and also in the development teams, people stick together, support and appreciate each other. Furthermore, the flat hierarchy and the friendly and respectful cooperation is a big plus. The overall package of salary, bonuses and additional benefits is very attractive and befits a premium service provider.