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Drive autonomously. Determine your own work schedule.

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Drive autonomously. Determine your own work schedule.

Solidarity, passion, perspectives

We are a team of experts, entrepreneurs and creative minds. We can be visionary, but also downright obsessed with details. We’re convinced that constructive and respectful discussions lead to the best solutions and we believe in an open competition for ideas and the principle of subsidiarity.

What spurs us on is the knowledge, and the conviction that we can really achieve great things as a team. We work hard to turn our vision into reality; but with heart, meaning and reasoning. To do that we are always on the lookout for new team members who can bring us forward and personally enrich us. We place high value on curiosity, imagination, creating one’s own ideas and making a personal commitment. Because we want to breed an expert culture, we also place great value on the selection, qualification and training and education of each employee with the help of personal development plans along our diverse career paths.

We work together to design road traffic safety, impact autonomous driving and make your future more flexible. With new concepts and solutions. And with revolutionary ideas and lots of personal interaction. This is how we implement our vision, each and every day, with passion.

Are you ready?



I find the consistent focus on protecting human lives in road traffic situations, combined with cutting-edge technologies and a young, dynamic and cosmopolitan team-oriented work atmosphere very meaningful. That makes VAIVA an ideal employer.

Department Head, Integral Passenger & Partner Protection

The atmosphere at VAIVA is very pleasant and makes me feel well-integrated, not like a stranger. Here I have the freedom to bring my own ideas to the table and implement them. That keeps the job exciting.

Human Model Development Engineer

Safe mobility begins in the head and the heart

You support us – and we support you and help you to become the best you can be. That requires more than the usual industry benefits. We want you to be able to contribute passionately and with all of your heart. This is why we work tirelessly to offer you the best conditions to do that.

For us, an attractive work environment is characterized by how we want to work. We don’t put together hundreds of PowerPoint slides. And we have little desire to first discuss everything in a lot of meetings with lots of participants. We have no need to wade through a jungle of committees in order to make decisions and implement our solutions. We love to be fast and to concentrate on what is really important. At VAIVA, we have Focus Days instead of meeting marathons (no meetings on Wednesdays, company-wide); system specifications instead of PowerPoint presentations; coding instead of talking.

The compensation must be right

We offer an attractive compensation model with fixed and variable components. The variable component is based on achieving our goals as a team. Your salary is reviewed on a regular basis within a peer review, where your growth and development is also ensured.

Safety for you as well

You take care of the tricky technology problems and their solutions – and we have your back with benefits such as a company pension that goes beyond the usual.

Your environment, your family, your friends

For various reasons, perhaps you prefer to work in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich or elsewhere? No problem for fans of remote work like us. Showing up at the office every day is most definitely not mandatory.

Exactly your lifestyle

Whether you’re an early riser, a night owl or if you have commitments during the week, we offer the latitude you need to structure your life. You decide when you want to work or when you need some time off. Arrange your work schedule between 06:00 am and 11:00 pm in consultation with your team.

Your time with us is an investment in the future

We care about your time with us and your professional development. We’re there for you, we support your development and we help you grow beyond your limits, as an expert and as a person - with training programs, tailored development plans, transparent career paths, coaching and definitely with a lot of feedback. We offer a portfolio of measures that include on-the-job training, lectures, in-person training and external training and education. Additionally, you can use the Udemy online training courses both professionally and privately at any time.

Shaping VAIVA together

You have the opportunity to shape your own work environment and bring your own wishes and ideas. Whether in “VAIVA PartiPro”, our participation process for continuous improvement, in our joint workshops, or as part of our annual employee satisfaction surveys and several pulse checks during the year, become active and establish what’s important and helpful to you in your work activities.

Making a great impact – together

Your application

Many paths lead to VAIVA. Whether it’s through direct conversations or with our recruiter, through an unsolicited application, or by clicking on an interesting job advertisement in LinkedIn, now is the time to get started! Together, we’d like to discover if we are a good “match”.

The first step is to determine as quickly as possible whether any open positions match your requirements, and if so, which ones. Our career model permits a wide range of entry points in different roles and job families. If we find something suitable, we want to get to know you on short notice and also give you the chance to develop a “real picture” of VAIVA.

This phase is very important to us, which is why we prefer to have one more conversation and give you the broadest possible impression of our company, your potential coworkers and our culture. The process typically begins with an in-depth interview, where you get to know potential supervisors and teammates and where there is sufficient opportunity to have an in-depth exchange of information. Depending on if there are any open questions or topics that still need to be clarified or discussed, an additional interview will be conducted with other people. The point here is to develop the best possible feel for what it would be like for both sides to work together. If we both agree to continue the process, the next step involves conversations with our people team, where we discuss all of the interdisciplinary and organizational issues.

Assuming that we agree we are a great match once the interviews are completed, you will immediately receive a written confirmation. We will then send the employment contract documents containing the initial information regarding the onboarding process.

Getting started

Everything is new, and much is unfamiliar. That’s why ensuring that your start at VAIVA is as pleasant, uncomplicated and informative as possible is of special concern to us. Our goal is to make sure that you quickly become part of the team and that you feel integrated and at home. With this in mind, you will have a mentor at your side for the first six months, beginning with your arrival on day one. This person will help you become familiar with your work environment as quickly as possible. After the two of you pick up and set up your equipment, an onboarding event will take place on your second day. You will be provided a concrete orientation plan. In addition, you will find all of the necessary documents in our collaboration and knowledge management systems.

The next part of your orientation begins in week two. It goes without saying that your mentor is not the only the person available to help you during your first weeks and months on the job. All of your coworkers and managers will try to make your start at VAIVA as pleasant and successful as possible

Your career at VAIVA

Your time at VAIVA should be well spent. We view your professional and personal development as an obligation. A wide range of development opportunities are available to you along numerous different career paths, all of which are equal with respect to a career as an expert or manager, or in terms of expanding your horizons across various job families.

For example, you can begin as a software engineer, and then move to a senior or lead engineer position, or develop into a principal software engineer, or go in the direction of project/ program management, change to the area of software architecture or take the expert route to a functional safety or ML engineer…the list goes on.

All career opportunities are transparent and the necessary qualification criteria are clearly outlined. In your personal development plan, which is updated annually, a precise roadmap will be agreed upon with your supervisor, including concrete measures, milestones and items for review. What does our CEO Ole have to say about all of this? “I believe companies have an obligation to offer their employees the ideal environment for career development and #personalgrowth. Our goal is to put technical career paths on equal footing with management career paths (such as with respect to visibility, compensation or social benefits).”

Sound exciting? We look forward to hearing from you! 😉

Your job at VAIVA: realize your own potential

Are you also a passionate expert, entrepreneur or creative mind? Have we piqued your interest? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re looking for an apprenticeship, internship, an opportunity to complete your university thesis, or if you’re just getting your career started or have years of experience to offer, at VAIVA there is a world of possibilities.


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