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Drive autonomously. Determine your own work schedule.

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Drive autonomously. Determine your own work schedule.

Solidarity, passion, perspectives.

We are a team of experts, entrepreneurs and creative minds. We can be visionary, but also downright obsessed with details. We’re convinced that constructive and respectful discussions lead to the best solutions and we believe in an open competition for ideas and the principle of subsidiarity. We’re constantly searching for team members who can move us forward from an engineering standpoint and enrich us personally. We work together to design road traffic safety, impact autonomous driving and make your future more flexible. With new concepts and solutions. And with revolutionary ideas and lots of personal interaction. This is how we implement our vision, each and every day, with passion. Are you ready?



I find the consistent focus on protecting human lives in road traffic situations, combined with cutting-edge technologies and a young, dynamic and cosmopolitan team-oriented work atmosphere very meaningful. That makes VAIVA an ideal employer.

Department Head, Integral Passenger & Partner Protection

I think it‘s great that VAIVA is willing to accommodate my needs when it comes to my work schedule. This flexibility allows to me properly balance my work and family life.


What I like about VAIVA is that the company offers demanding responsibilities, new challenges each day and job security. For me, VAIVA is a technology trailblazer in the automobile industry.

Responsible for HIL-specific issues

The atmosphere at VAIVA is very pleasant and makes me feel well-integrated, not like a stranger. Here I have the freedom to bring my own ideas to the table and implement them. That keeps the job exciting.

Human Model Development Engineer

Safe mobility begins in the head and the heart

You support us – and we support you and help you to become the best you can be. That requires more than the usual industry benefits. We want you to be able to contribute passionately and with all of your heart. This is why we work tirelessly to offer you the best conditions to do that.

The compensation must be right

We offer an attractive compensation model with fixed and variable components. The variable component is based on achieving our goals as a team. Your salary is reviewed on a regular basis within a peer review, where your growth and development is also ensured.

Safety for you as well

You take care of the tricky technology problems and their solutions – and we have your back with benefits such as a company pension that goes beyond the usual.

Your environment, your family, your friends

For various reasons, perhaps you prefer to work in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich or elsewhere? No problem for fans of remote work like us. Showing up at the office every day is most definitely not mandatory.

Exactly your lifestyle

Whether you’re an early riser, a night owl or if you have commitments during the week, we offer the latitude you need to structure your life. You decide when you want to work or when you need some time off. Arrange your work schedule between 06:00 am and 11:00 pm in consultation with your team.

Your time is an investment in our future

We have your best interests at heart. We’re there for you. We support you and help you grow professionally as an expert, and as a person. With training programs, growth and development plans, coaching, and lots of feedback.

Your job at VAIVA: realize your own potential

Are you also a passionate expert, entrepreneur or creative mind? Have we piqued your interest? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re looking for an apprenticeship, internship, an opportunity to complete your university thesis, or if you’re just getting your career started or have years of experience to offer, at VAIVA there is a world of possibilities.

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