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The 1×1 of the software developer – APM training course launched

Theresa Ley,

The best functions are created in the best development environment. That’s why we at VAIVA do everything we can to constantly improve not only our product quality, but also the quality of our development. The efficient handling of processes, methods and tools is therefore part of the 1×1 of a software developer at VAIVA. But since this also needs to be learned, our APM team has developed a training course, which was recently launched in Wolfsburg under the direction of Stefanie, Principal Software and System Testing. We have summarized why the APM exists and what our colleagues were able to take away from the training.

The development of safety-relevant driving functions in the automotive sector is embedded in a process landscape of legal requirements and standards. We have developed our APM model to establish the necessary processes, methods and tools at VAIVA, make them easy to use and tailor them to specific project requirements. To ensure that VAIVA’s own process model is used efficiently, regular training courses will be held in future. The pilot training course has now taken place with colleagues from Gaimersheim and Wolfsburg at the Wolfsburg site under the direction of Stefanie, Principal Software and System Testing.

The aim of the training was to enable colleagues to carry out their project work in line with the processes, to get to know their specific role better, which steps and methods belong to their role and which work products need to be created. The basic training for process creation had already been completed in advance so that we could get straight into the details. After a brief introduction to the role of the software developer, specific tasks were to be solved in small groups and then presented. The concrete questions were the identification of the main tasks and work products of the software developer, the analysis of process structures in which software developers provide support, and the requirements for further tasks of the software developer in error and change management.

During the eight-hour training course, the participants dealt intensively with the APM for the role of the software developer. At the end, not only the trainer was satisfied, but also the colleagues were enthusiastic about the workshop. The interactive opportunity to deal with the APM, the direct exchange of questions, the great cooperation and the realization that dealing with the APM can also be an enrichment were particularly memorable. The APM team also gained a lot of experience, took up suggestions on how the training can be optimized and can now finalize the training concept before the “Role based APM Training” goes into series production next year. And then not only for software developers, but also for test management and requirements engineering, for example.