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“Safe mobility begins in the head and heart” – Interview with Inas

Theresa Ley,

A new job is always associated with expectations, dreams and visions. Having just joined VAIVA, our recruiter Inas knows this from her own experience. In our latest interview, we talk about how you too can find your perfect job match and bring your passion for vehicle safety to us.

Hello Inas, you have just joined VAIVA this month as a recruiter. A warm welcome to you! How were your first days with us?

My early days at VAIVA were inspiring. The team welcomed me warmly, and the company culture, which focuses on safe mobility for all, was immediately palpable. The entire team proved to be very helpful, and my colleagues made my start much easier even before the official start date. I particularly appreciated that they informed me in good time about the upcoming team event before my first day of work to make sure I could attend. Everything went smoothly – from IT equipment and ID cards to get-to-know-you meetings and interesting onboarding events.

With what expectation did you start your new job with us?

I experienced an extremely positive surprise – at VAIVA, I immediately noticed the intensive cooperation between the departments and the noticeable willingness to help. It is clear that my colleagues are highly motivated and want to make a significant contribution together as a team. The responsibility of managing the entire recruitment process and acting as a point of contact for the entire company requires careful planning, clear prioritization and a sharp focus.

How do you currently assess the job market? Have you perhaps been able to identify any initial challenges for recruiting at VAIVA?

The current job market presents itself as dynamic and multi-faceted. I see the clear objective of attracting highly qualified talents who not only have comprehensive expertise but also share a passion for safe mobility. With our locations in Gaimersheim, Heimsheim and Wolfsburg, I am confident that we will succeed in recruiting driver safety enthusiasts in our immediate vicinity. As a pioneer in our industry, it is crucial to attract people who not only share our vision but can also help make mobility safer.

Is there anything you’re particularly looking forward to yet?

As a recruiter, I am looking forward with excitement to attracting a new generation of diverse and highly motivated talent to VAIVA. Interacting with candidates from the mobility industry who demonstrate a passionate dedication to vehicle safety is already creating immense anticipation in me. I am particularly excited by the prospect of working with a team of pioneers who are resolutely committed to safe mobility. I was downright fascinated by the first interviews conducted. The prospect of participating in projects that virtually eliminate serious accident risks is not only a professional challenge, but also corresponds to my personal passion. The guiding principle “Safe mobility begins in the head and heart” reflects exactly why I want to be a part of the VAIVA team. It fills me with anticipation to drive this visionary mission forward together.