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‘Not just writing code!’ – Interview with Michael

Theresa Ley,

Not all software developers are the same. That’s why we want to take a closer look at the job description of a software developer at VAIVA and talked to Michael about his professional role, the fascination of the job itself and what’s special about working at VAIVA.

Hello Michael, you are a software developer in the “Software Development Base/Rear” team. What does your team work on and what is your specific role?

The roles within the teams at VAIVA are assigned based on employee preference, which is dependent on knowledge, development and motivation, and the project roles that need to be filled. We have roles such as the Software Architect, Software Developer, Component Responsible, Software Integrator, Project Manager, Ticket Coordinator and Test Manager.

The roles I personally take are currently Software Architect, Software Developer and Component Responsible.

Why did you choose the automotive industry?

The automotive industry is diverse, well paid (*laughs*) and standardized. New things are constantly being researched and developed. And most importantly: you see the results later. 😉

Software development in general is a broad field. What makes up the job of a software developer?

Not just writing code! Specifying, developing processes, debugging and error analysis, knowledge transfer with colleagues and customers – that’s all part of it, too. Software development is constantly changing, as are standards and norms, which are renewed almost every year. Together with our customers we develop novel systems that save lives in vehicles, which means we have to know the system, the function, the hardware, the test environment, the processes, the IDE and much more well to deliver a good result.

And what makes working at VAIVA so special for you?

Very important is the competence and experience of our colleagues. You can discuss topics with experts, learn and contribute your own ideas. We are also not bound by as many bureaucratic hurdles as in most large corporations. And it was also important to me that the assessments are passed, which shows me that work is done according to processes and standards.