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Develop and expand skills, knowledge and competencies in a targeted manner – Interview with Sandra

Nina Mederer,

We have set ourselves the goal of making skills and competence management at VAIVA attractive and future-proof in order to support our employees in their personal and professional development. This also includes the establishment of our career paths. In an interview, Sandra Mack, Head of Strategic HR Development, tells us exactly what this means and what opportunities our employees have.

Hello Sandra, in the past few months a comprehensive process has taken place to restructure HR development, in which our career paths have been established. How were the career paths developed and who was involved?

It was a joint project, as this new path was important to all of us. Our department heads in particular were involved right from the start. We approached the topic. Questions such as what does VAIVA need, what do the employees want, etc. were at the top of the list. We were also interested in an analysis of what other companies of our size were doing. We also received input from the personnel marketing working group, which also dealt with the topic. Interestingly, our ideas and the concept were almost identical.

What exactly is behind the career paths and why are they so important for VAIVA?

The career paths show each VAIVA employee where he or she currently stands and what he or she can achieve in the future. It does not have to be a horizontal development, a vertical development is also possible. We also offer employees the opportunity to change departments, so that everyone can continue to develop. Together with the supervisor, each employee can discuss his or her own ideas and work out the goal via a structured path. Employee development meetings help here, as do individual development plans.

And what does that mean for the development of each and every employee at VAIVA?

We want to make skills and competence management attractive and fit for the future: For our employees, this means that a well thought-out skills and competence management system tailored to the company will give them the opportunity to develop and expand their skills, knowledge and competencies in a targeted way. This should enable them to expand their expertise and advance their professional development. It should also give them the opportunity to learn about new roles or positions in the company and take on more challenging tasks. We want to support them in pursuing their career goals by working specifically on their skills and competencies. This enables them to qualify for new positions and take on challenging projects, which also boosts self-confidence and motivation.