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“VAIVA belongs to Champions League” – Interview with Senior Interims Recruiter Evelyn

Theresa Ley,

In the world of mobility with all its facets, automated and autonomous driving occupies a high position. And this area is facing major upheavals. Every day, therefore, we are on the lookout for the best employees who share our vision of safe mobility for all and want to make an active contribution to it. In this interview, our Senior Interim Recruiter Evelyn shows us why you should choose VAIVA as your employer and why we offer real unique selling points.

Hi Evelyn, as a Senior Interim Recruiter, you look for promising talent for VAIVA and come into contact with many people. What impression do potential candidates have of VAIVA?

he words of our department head Bastian Marx put it in a nutshell: “I find the consistent focus on protecting human life in road traffic, combined with future-proof technologies, very meaningful.” And this also exerts a fascination on the applicants*.

VAIVA lives teamplaying in a dynamic and above all cosmopolitan team, you are very close to the projects, you can contribute your experience, ideas and added value. Moreover, it is no longer a secret on the market that VAIVA has an enormous know-how and is in the first starting line in the topic ‘automated and autonomous driving’.

Are the candidates surprised by the offers and opportunities at VAIVA and for what reason do they decide to join VAIVA?

VAIVA has also taken on a pioneering role in this subject area. The topic of New Work: we have dealt with it intensively and act in a solution-oriented manner. Flexible working hours are not just talked about, they are lived and, above all, implemented. Home office is not just an empty phrase. Family and work life can be individually coordinated and adapted to each other. The future is hybrid, and our recruiting process has also long since taken on a hybrid character.

Are there any other reasons that speak in favor of VAIVA?

Definitely our attractive benefits, which go far beyond the norm. I can confirm from experience that many of our competitors don’t even come close to offering what is standard for us. For example, pension provision is a central point that is financially supported on top. Capital-forming benefits and meal vouchers are also standard with us.

I would like to highlight the personal training and development plans, as well as our mentor model in the onboarding process and other formats such as the Townhall, which takes place regularly with a high level of participation. The fireside evenings with our team leaders also show that VAIVA actively lives the flat hierarchies.

We can’t get past a ‘hot topic’. How do you assess the current applicant market?

No question, the applicant market is currently more challenging than ever. The future is hybrid and we have to deal with new phenomena such as ghosting.

But a well-managed application process therefore always has a positive impact on the company’s success. Applicants make positive recommendations, regardless of the outcome, and thus also strengthen the brand as an employer.

In addition, we are also experiencing a generational change due to the arrival of Generation Z. This generation places a special focus on needs, flexibility, values and a sense of purpose.

This is not the only reason why long-standing and certainly successful standard tools are simply becoming more and more a thing of the past. VAIVA has the claim to engage the best – both professionally and in terms of content as well as humanly. In professional soccer one would speak of Champions League and for this we show ourselves from our innovative and creative side.