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Vocational Training: Passing on knowledge to the next generation – Interview with Andreas and Marcus

Theresa Ley,

Career prospects open up via many paths. One of them can be a vocational training. And VAIVA is also a vocational training company for various occupational fields in IT. In a double interview with one of our trainers, Andreas, and our former trainee Marcus, who has since been taken on as a permanent employee, we talked about exactly what vocational training is possible with us and what our trainees can look forward to.

Hello Andreas, hello Marcus, we would like to take the opportunity to shed some light on an opportunity for starting a job at VAIVA that has received far too little attention: vocational trainings.

Andreas, as IT manager you are also responsible for our trainees in the IT department. Since when does VAIVA offer the possibility to do an vocational training and what exactly do we train in?

We train in all IT professions. This year we are still offering vocational trainings for IT specialists for system integration and IT specialists for application development. We would also like to fill a training position for an IT systems management specialist. We have many years of experience in this field, as we have been supporting the DAA (Deutsche Angestellten Akademie) for many years in the training of comrades of the German Armed Forces. They are now in the 8th generation to complete their practical part of the training with us before taking their examination to become IT system electronics technicians at the Munich Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Three years ago, we trained an apprentice completely with us for the first time. After his vocational training as an IT specialist for application development, our former trainee Marcus was taken on as a permanent employee.

Marcus, as already mentioned, you did an vocational training at VAIVA and have now been taken on for a permanent position. What kind of vocational training did you do and why did you decide to do it?

As I have always been interested in technical topics, such as computers and how they work, and programming is something I have always liked, I trained as an IT specialist for application development.

And why VAIVA of all companies?

I already gained experience at VAIVA as an intern and was able to experience the nice colleagues and the pleasant working environment, which also helped me in my decision. In addition, I was generally positively surprised by the managers who were responsible for me, because despite problems and spontaneous events, they always worked cooperatively on solutions and tried to implement them as quickly as possible. So, all in all, I saw it as a good opportunity to gain a foothold in VAIVA and start my career in the IT field there.

Andreas, from your point of view. Why should you choose to do a vocational training at VAIVA?

With our mission to Vision Zero, all colleagues at our company make an important contribution to road safety, both for the occupants in the vehicle and for other road users. Every colleague at our company makes an important and decisive contribution to this. Our internal IT department enables the colleagues at VAIVA to operate smoothly. Our trainees also make a meaningful contribution here. It is also important to us here that we help train the next generation of expert IT nerds. 😉

We supplement the vocational training at VAIVA with many interesting use cases in the automotive sector. After all, there are several hundred semiconductor chips in a vehicle.

Why is it important for VAIVA to offer vocational trainings?

True to our sustainability philosophy at VAIVA, we naturally also want to plan for the future with knowledge. Passing on knowledge from one generation to the next and preserving knowledge in the company is an important point. That is why we want to continue our consistently positive experience in training with IT professions in the coming years. And after their training, the trainees will perhaps continue to be called: #WEAREVAIVA.

Finally, a question for Marcus. What was your best experience at VAIVA during your training? And what are you looking forward to now for your future career at VAIVA?

From my point of view, the best experiences were, on the one hand, the meetings with colleagues outside working hours. Whether it was simply at a joint Weißwurst breakfast during the lunch break or at one of the team events or even at one of the company parties, I always felt it was a good time to have fun with my colleagues there.

On the other hand, I found the moments after a problem arose in IT and we worked together to solve it quickly super. Even though they were exhausting moments, it was still great to have the knowledge at the end of the day: We solved the problem together and in a very short time.

And I’m looking forward to several things in my future career at VAIVA. Whether it’s the possibility of a home office, which is very important, the flexible working hours, or the option to talk openly with my supervisor about the direction in which I want to develop professionally. In my opinion, VAIVA offers many opportunities to provide a great working environment and to adapt it relatively flexibly…