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Safe accident investigations when high-voltage vehicles are involved

Nina Mederer,

Fortunately, the number of electric vehicles is steadily rising. At VAIVA (former: ASTech) we are deeply involved in dealing with these new drive train concepts in cases of potential damage. In collaboration with AUDI AG and WAW GmbH, we developed a process for working with high-voltage models, which contains detailed protocols and workflows that guarantee a precise and safe approach when investigating the causes of accidents.

In electric vehicles, high voltages are present due to the high-voltage battery. Safety mechanisms in the vehicle ensure that these voltages are of no danger to the occupants in normal operation, as well as in case of an accident. When surveying an accident however, which involves the precise examination of how the accident occurred and the consequences, special requirements must be taken into account.  The vehicle and its structure are impacted by accidents in very different ways. If batteries are damaged in an extremely serious accident, they can trigger reactions that are not obvious at first glance. Guaranteeing safety while surveying the accident thus requires its own process. It’s therefore important, for example, that the affected vehicles are held at special facilities where they can be taken out of service and examined by trained personnel.

Our VAIVA team, together with Audi and WAW, which has trained stage 3 electricity specialists, developed and implemented a process that reduces the potential dangers (electrical current, arcs, burns) to a minimum. This of course includes special clothing and tools.