VAIVA GmbH - Safe Mobility


VAIVA is investing in sustainable energy for the future

Nina Mederer,

Sophisticated technologies for a safe future are our core expertise. That’s why we are passionately working on our goals. In order to maintain this power over the long-term, we feel it’s important to handle all of our resources in a responsible manner.

For that reason “Volkswagen Natural Power” has been providing us the required energy since the beginning of the year. This electricity, certified by TÜV Nord, is generated solely from renewable sources such as water, wind and solar, is 100-percent CO2-free and stems directly from VW’s own equipment or comes with a clear proof of origin from the producer.

We not only work with green electricity, we also drive with it, such as with our VAIVA e-bikes, so that we now boast double the sustainability. 🙂