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A business trip to get a deeper understanding of constraints and challenges in daily worklife

Theresa Ley,

A strong and long-lasting collaboration is best developed through regular personal and professional exchange. Therefore, it was now time to further consolidate the collaboration of VAIVA and ProIT in workshops and to give the opportunity to learn more about the constraints and challenges of each other’s work in an interactive exchange of software developers and software testers. But also the course for the future was set.

Some weeks ago ProIT from Sibiu (Romania) visited us with four of their colleagues. One of them is Codruta, who started the collaboration between ProIT and VAIVA 11 years ago. From the very beginning, she has accompanied this collaboration and has already shared numerous experiences. Now all have been excited to meet the (new and old) VAIVA colleagues as in the last 3 years, due to the pandemic situation, all the meetings were online. However, it quickly became clear to Codruta that the business trip was one of the most interactive in the collaboration history of VAIVA and ProIT. And Tom, our VAIVA-colleague who organized the visit, had a big part in that with his great ideas for the workshops. After the arrival and some private conversation day one started with a – completely offline – workshop with some software developers. After taking the time to get to know each other in person (“What would you have become, if you weren´t an developer/tester?” and “Would you rather ____ or ____?”) the teams were mixed and had deep dives into each others work. The goal: create a workflow of all the work products along each others processes and get a deeper understanding of the constraints and challenges of each others work and how testing and development interact. So software developer and software tester had the chance to interact by learning each other what are the processes from each part of the V-model.

The afternoon was used for further exchange and progress to achieve the goals for a current project release. It’s a refreshing experience to have face to face discussions from time to time. After an intense workshop day it ended at the bowling center to enjoy burgers and beer with great conversations on the side.

Day two started with some focused work for the release before discussing and solving current project questions and challenges. After joined lunch all used the time left to discuss the coming release plannings and took a glance on coming projects.

Finally, Ghita, one of the ProIT-colleagues, drew a great conclusion. Not only getting to know amazing people, but also improving the communication between our VAIVA software developers and ProIT through the provided exercises made it to a special trip in which the understanding of the development processes was also raised. So it seems, that with every time all meet there’s put another brick in a strong and long collaboration. And maybe soon in December the return visit to the Christmas party in Sibiu can take place.

by Tom