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Virtual development for million cars to come

Theresa Ley,

For 10 years, VAIVA’s expertise in modelling and simulation has been an integral part of the Volkswagen Group. Since then, the production of millions of vehicles were enabled by VAIVA’s simulations and toolchains. Our expertise could also be in your car. And this development continues. Let’s use this anniversary for a little journey through time.

In 2012 VAIVA (former: Automotive Safety Technologies) kicked in into the realization of virtual premium vehicles and simulations toolchains. Because these should be used for the development and validation of vehicle system within the Volkswagen Group.

The first pillar in the co-operation was the realization of a virtual twin for an innovative electric vehicle of the Audi AG. This twin was used to develop virtually new operation strategies for the powertrain and also the powertrain itself. In the meantime the ADAS toolchains for the facelift A8 and A6 were industrialized and the preparation phase for the A3 (A37X) started.

In the ongoing years the gained experiences were applied to develop virtual vehicles and ADAS toolchains for the A4/A5, Q7/Q8, A6/A7 and A8 families. These virtual replicas served for the overall virtual development and testing in the fields of body-electronics, advanced driver assistance systems, integrated safety, chassis and powertrain.

This huge experience was combined the first time while developing the new Audi e-tron, by this in early project phases an reliable virtual vehicle and ADAS toolchain was available.

In all the years the developed virtual vehicles and toolchain by VAIVA were one key factor in virtual development and testing. Until the present day a production volume of more than six million premium vehicles in Volkswagen Group (B/C/D-Segment) was enabled by means of VAIVA simulations. The toolchains for ADAS enabled in the same timespan a production volume of more than 12 million premium vehicles of Audi, Bentley, Porsche and Volkswagen.

All these success and experiences will serve as the foundation for the virtual vehicles and tools for the development and test of the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) and of the Scalable Systems Platform (SSP) – and therefore for the most advanced vehicles electronics in the world.

by Mirko