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Intern-Blog – Part 1

Theresa Ley,

At VAIVA, we always give interns the opportunity to gain practical experience and insights into different departments. In a new mini-series, our intern Tim reports about his impressions and his every day work at VAIVA. The first part is about a slightly bumpy start, personal challenges and the importance of cooperation.


I’m Tim, I study Digital Business at the Exponential University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam. During the Studies of „Digital Business“ we learn Business administration in very practice- and project oriented Environments and with a special focus on Digitization. After Uni/Work I love to play football which I have been doing my entire life. I am also interested in Design and customization,which is a form of art in which I take Shoes, Shirts or other Clothing and change up their Design to individualize the pieces. I also like photography and I Surf/Kite as often as I can. During my VAIVA Internship I hope to get a view into the topics of Company Strategy, Management and Internal Communication. Another Goal of mine is to get a basic understanding of Code and Software Development. Because of all the possibilities inside the VAIVA Company and the freedom I have I was really excited and motivated to start.

After the first few days it became clear that it would take a while until I could meet and communicate with my future Team and work on the tasks that were meant for me. Because of the Name change and the System Admin rights changes I was left without passwords and Key Cards to any of the Company Hardware. Even though the Circumstances weren’t particularly favorable and probably won’t happen again in that way, in the second part of the upcoming articles I want to research and analyze the failings of my integration into the company software systems and hopefully learn from them.

In spite of or even because of the faulty IT I was really happy to meet and talk to the people in the Wolfsburg Office. Cornelia, Stefan and Frank took the time to welcome me in and give me a great overview of the company it’s goals and more. They gave me a great feeling to start of my Internship.

As a means of doing something I took my own Laptop and took online Coding classes for the weeks to come. That solution worked great for a few days but afterwards with a little routine it got harder and harder to concentrate. I have a few methods that help me achieve my goals on a daily basis.

On a Friday afternoon, following three weeks of online courses we finally managed to get access to my Accounts and the real work could start – the following Monday of course 😉

After first meeting Céline, we discussed tasks and interests and I worked with a lot of motivation and ambition on the new tasks at hand. In the following Days I was able to meet all of the nice people in the Team around me and we shared different Life- and Job experiences had nice conversations and discussed different interests and possibilities of working together on different projects.

All that added progress motivates me to surpass the upcoming obstacles and help me learn the following topics: working on multiple projects while keeping control and delivering on time. For that I have prepared a timeline in which I update every new task that comes up while also working with the Team-Kanban we have and preparing daily to-do lists in order to keep a level head always. In order to regain focus and concentration all VAIVA colleagues will soon be able to find methods from our colleagues Sylvia and Nicole. They have worked on a few things as part of the PartiPro Project which they will soon be able to share with everyone. For myself, I know in order to work effectively I need to get away from everything that could possibly disrupt my concentration but here more than ever I realize that Communication and Teamwork are also very important to perfect a task and learn from everyone in order to archive a better product.

by Tim