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A Cookbook for targeted Company Management

Nina Mederer,

BY: Sebastian

VAIVA is continously ISO 9001 certified: Sebastian, Quality Assurance Manager at VAIVA, talks to us about that process and why it is so important. We asked him what an Audit is, what the next steps should be and how everyone can learn from it.

Firstly, what even is an Audit? 

The Audit is necessary for the ISO 9001-Certification, which shows our customers that we as a company reach the minimum standards for a cooperation. The auditing proccess is basically a comparision of the condition right now compared to a standardised agreed upon condition (here the ISO 9001:2015). This past Week the VAIVA Company was examined upon those standards and we are now justified to hold a Certification that shows we operate in the Terms of ISO 9001:2015.

After the positive result of this demanding week, did you take any learnings from it and do you have plans to improve the process next year? 

Yes, we always take away something , this process taught us that even though preperation is important and needed it is also important that there is an understanding among the employees of why the ISO 9001 is needed and why it is needed. It can be seeen as a Cookbook for targeted Company management and development. I noticed that some were excited or even nervous, and there is no rational reason for that. Everyone reacts different to new situations which is why we will create a Workshop that will cover the basics of the ISO 9001 to create an understanding and familiarize everyone and give convidence for the upcoming years.