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Job start at VAIVA: “I had the freedom to find my topic”

Theresa Ley,

by Céline

How do new employees see our company? Deeksha, who started working as a software developer a few months ago, explains in an interview how she became aware of our company and how she has experienced VAIVA so far.

Deeksha, where did you study and how did you become aware of us?

I did my bachelor’s degree in India and then completed my master’s degree in vehicle computer science in Germany at Chemnitz University of Technology. I have been in Germany since October 2018. In the master’s program it was actually one and a half years of theory with laboratory and then I had a compulsory internship, which was my first major practical experience. By the way, I learned to speak German mainly in the student dormitory and during my part-time jobs (laughs). I discovered the job advertisement of VAIVA on LinkedIn and then visited the website of VAIVA: I immediately liked the topics of vehicle safety, artificial intelligence and development and simulation and that’s why I simply applied.

What do you like best about your job?

In the six months I’ve been at VAIVA, I’ve learned so much: I’ve learned a wide variety of jobs – and I’ve been able to find my specialty. When I started here, everything was prepared – it was perfectly prepared, it was also prepared in which project I was working. But: I had the freedom to find my topic – and that’s really great.

I enjoy programming very, very much. But actually, working with hardware –  the combination of hardware and vehicle – is also a lot of fun. It’s hard to say. I can’t say what I like more – I think I appreciate the combination and the “arrangement” the most.

What do you like about our company?

I like VAIVA because of the culture! Where should I start? So: For example, already during the job interview – I had two rounds of talks, with my current team leader and with HR. Later, our department head was also involved. I liked the questions: they were aimed at seeing if I was interested in the technical topics. And I am. When I started at VAIVA, everything was well prepared: my laptop was ready, my ID was ready, my colleagues gave me a warm welcome. I like that.

What I also think is great – the social interaction in our company. I once tried the format “Coffee with Ole”. It’s great that our CEO knows us. I like that he knows his colleagues – no matter where we are located.

My team gave me so much support: In the beginning, the German language was a bit of a… overwhelming. But it was never a problem: my colleague always had a lot of understanding and showed me that. If he noticed that I didn’t understand something, he changed the language. I have also always tried to talk german to further improve my German.

Thank you very much for the interview Deeksha, we are very pleased that you are our colleague – I hope that you will visit us soon in Ingolstadt.