VAIVA GmbH - Safe Mobility


A new brand underscores our understanding of the mission

Theresa Ley,

We use our names to introduce ourselves. The name leaves an initial and lasting impression in connection with the image and the performance. Our own name appears on letters, in e-mails and on websites. With our name we answer the telephone and register for conferences. In short: Our name gives us identity.

We put a great deal of effort into developing the company over the past one and a half years. We sharpened our portfolio, assumed significant new responsibilities within the future platform of the Volkswagen Group, strongly repositioned our organization and put the company on a healthy financial footing. And even though we still have lots of other optimizations planned, the positive impacts are already highly visible in many areas. 

Our newfound strength needs a new name that together with our performance, our character, and most of all with what distinguishes us, leaves behind a lasting impression. To fortify our strong and unique value proposition within the service network of the Volkswagen Group, we want to reinforce our brand identity and appeal for you, our customers, job applicants, partner companies and the interested public with a new name. Conversely, the fact is that any company without such a strong, independent, and quality corporate image, has a genuine competitive disadvantage.

Our new name – VAIVA strengthens our identifiability and expresses our uniqueness. Together with the descriptor “Safe Mobility”, the new name will make it categorically clear where our focus and value contribution lie. Reinforced by a creative, target group-specific external image and the step-by-step expansion of our profile, we want to establish a successful positioning.

A central motivation for the rebranding lies in a better external profile, together with a contemporary and exciting brand image, especially in the job market. In this area we are vying for the best minds and outstanding talent in order to develop competitively-differentiated and superior functions and systems in the field of integral vehicle safety both. 

The new name is designed to also serve as a projection surface for us internally, as a strong and preferred partner in the service network of the Volkswagen Group. We want our partners to rely on and take advantage of our know-how and support with great conviction and enthusiasm. Together we will carry the valuable work, successes, and lessons from the past into the future and enhance them with a new chapter.  

At the end of the day however, a name is first and foremost just a name. A brand becomes strong only through the content that our employees, together with you, use to “boost” our customers and partners and create an unmistakable identity.

In implementing our new brand, we took the same entrepreneurial approach that serves as a benchmark for all our activities. We prefer to invest the budget in our projects, products and in the training and education of our employees. With this in mind, the further development of our brand took place solely in-house. We hired no agencies, such as for coming up with a name or creating the design. Except for the support provided by a law firm to review the necessary trademark issues, all of the activities, such as revising templates, were and will continue to be carried out internally and within the framework of the existing budget. 

A few more thoughts about our new name. It does not derive from an acronym and was created with the aim of achieving greater identifiability and international utility while taking into account trademark law requirements. We nevertheless established some guidelines for the creative process, which are reflected in the name:

  • V: Signals affiliation with the Volkswagen Group and the associated value contribution  
  • AI: Highlights the importance of artificial intelligence for our integral safety systems for ADAS/ AD  
  • I: The “I” in integral safety is at the center of all of our activities and thus also at the center of our name
  • IV: Our systems, functions and software solutions enable Intelligent Vehicles in terms of safety
  • VA: Vehicle Automation is one of the main drivers of our solutions and products
  • Safe: With our descriptor, we are underscoring our focus: safety for automated and autonomous vehicles
  • Mobility: The second part of the descriptor describes the industry we are involved in: mobility for today, tomorrow and the day after.