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Next Level: Realizing lifelong learning digitally

Theresa Ley,

by Gerald

Lifelong learning can also be fun. With Udemy, we have therefore established a new option for company and private continuing education in our ASTech learning landscape.

Since June 2021 the online platform Udemy for Business is part of our ASTech learning landscape. In this way, we want to offer all employees a broad range of opportunities for personal development. The learning units consist of video lectures with different performance levels, sometimes also with practical exercises. No matter if C++ Bootcamp, HTML5 course or communication trainings – the portfolio offers the right training for everyone. It was especially important for us that the platform offers the possibility for individual training programs, i.e. specifically tailored to certain needs. As confirmation of their participation in the course, graduates receive a certificate. Finally, the continuing education is also intended to open up professional career prospects.

The special feature: On the one hand, the employees can coordinate with their superior which courses can be completed as part of the individual development – on the other hand, the virtual doors of Udemy are also open for private use after work: Because there are also courses in the categories hobbies, creativity and languages, such as drawing courses, chess courses, “speed reading” or even singing lessons. And: All offers in the Udemy4Business-catalog can be used as part of employee access at no additional cost. After less than a year of use, our colleagues have already invested over 50,000 video minutes in their personal development and expanded their expertise in numerous lessons. We don’t just pay lip service to lifelong learning; we actively support our employees in their professional and personal development!